Metallic Paper

Metallic paper doesn't have quite the history that the rest of papers have, but this newcomer has a visual payoff unlike any other. Where metallic paper truly shines (pun intended) is in the color vibrancy. If you were to look at my photo "Off The Pier," on a glossy print and place it beside a metallic print, the oranges within the sky are going to shimmer and shine beyond anything that a glossy print can offer.

A metallic print, aside from offering better vibrancy, also is more resilient than a glossy print. Metallic prints are coated with a thick protective layer which offers scratch protection and is less susceptible to crinkling if rolled. The key thing to watch for with a metallic print is fingerprints, however.

Due to the natural sheen that this paper gives off, it is best to frame it without glass.

If you have any other questions about metallic paper, please contact me anytime.

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