Jeremy Gibson

At the age of seven, I received my first photography lesson. Decades later, my love of capturing emotional and thought-provoking images, is still my driving force.

Through my lens, I offer a unique view of the world around us. My hope is to open your eyes and notice the minut details. Allow you to take a step back and appreciate the simple curvature of a road winding its way over the water. Or the outstretched branches, of a winter tree, standing sentinel over the barren field. To lift the everyday filter, and showcase the world in a different light.

My years of practice, trial and error, have helped me build a portfolio; that I hope will inspire you to see the world in a new and unexpected way.


  • Beyond Words Magazine

Live Shows

  • Big Four Arts Festival (2021)
  • Neptune Festival (2021)
  • Bethesda Row Arts Festival (2021)
  • Stockley Gardens Art Festival (2021)

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